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Anti-Hijacking - Theory and practical workshop (half / full day)

Aim of the workshop:

During the last two years, the number of fatal hijackings has grown exponentially. The better prepared a potential victim is, the greater probability of that person surviving the attack with limited physical injury.  This comprehensive course is designed to equip the learner with practical exercises and solutions to avoid a possible hi-jacking situation.  Intense focus is placed on the learner’s assertiveness of his/her everyday environment. 

Learning objectives:

Delegates will gain practical experience and a clear understanding of the following:

  • Types of hi-jackings
  • Daily environmental awareness and immediate surroundings
  • Avoid possible hijackings as far as reasonably possible
  • Reduce, limit and control risk factors
  • Suspicious vehicles and persons
  • Vulnerable situations to avoid
  • Recognise a typical hijacker profile and their motivation

Training methods and application:

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Participant manual with the presentation materials
  • Possible hi-jacking scenario or dangerous situations based on previous incidents and latest trends
  • Practical around a stationery vehicle – approaching, entering, whilst driving, parking and exiting 

Target group:

Absolutely everyone! – Executives, sales and marketing on the road, office and admin personnel, parents, couriers, bankers, shoppers…and the list goes on!