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Expatriate safety and security workshop (half / full day)

Aim of the workshop:

Expatriates living and working in foreign countries must exercise a high level of security awareness in reference to criminal acts, accidents, cultural awareness, and terrorism.  The success of international organizations depends, in part, on the seamless integration of security programs for its expatriate community. 

One of the most critical components in any overseas expatriate program is that a company’s employees and their family members undergo country-specific security and cultural awareness training.

Learning objectives:

  • This workshop will equip and empower company employees including the expatriate community and their family members with the skills needed to effectively increase their security and reduce liability exposure. 
  • The workshop is designed to give each individual the critical awareness and know-how needed to properly identify, appropriately react to, and successfully avoid security risks.

Training methods and application:

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Possible dangerous situations based on previous incidents and latest trends
  • Participant manual with the presentation materials

Target group: 

  • Chief executives and senior management
  • Sales and marketing on the road
  • Field technicians and on-site project facilitators
  • Office and administrative personnel
  • Employees working irregular hours
  • Couriers and International logistics personnel