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Personal safety and security workshop (half / full day)

Aim of the workshop:

This workshop is designed to help you reduce your risk of being a victim of crime.  Improve your personal safety and protect your home, your family and belongings by following some of these simple suggestions provided by our specialists and to stay alert to your surroundings.

Learning objectives:

The objectives of this workshop are to create personal security awareness and confidence amongst the delegates in the following areas:

  • Right to safety
  • Create a safety aware culture
  • Commitment, confidence and body language
  • Awareness of surroundings
  • Assertiveness
  • Support networks and emergency response
  • Personal safety plan

Training methods and application:

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Possible dangerous situations based on previous incidents and latest trends
  • Participant manual with the presentation materials

Target group:

Absolutely everyone! – Parents, teachers, scholars, office personnel, security officers, community workers, counselors, governmental departments etc.