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Residential security survey

One of the first tasks in protecting your family is ensuring the safety of your home. 

The first step in developing any security program is conducting a risk assessment to determine the actual level of threat, vulnerability, and the potential consequences of risk occurrence. 

When planning security for your home, SRM will facilitate the following process:

  • What are the most common types of residential security and safety risks that you or your family may be exposed to? 
  • How vulnerable is your home? 
  • Do the necessary conditions exist for an adverse event to occur?
  • What could the potential loss be due to different types of risks?

SRM residential security surveys specifically outlines appropriate measures to limit/eliminate criminal activities by focussing on:

  • Fire and crime prevention, interior and exterior security lighting, home security systems, ingress/egress points, locking devises, door/window glazing and coverings, landscaping, communications, geographic information systems (GIS), garages, vehicles, neighbourhood crime statistics and watch programs, cost-effective measures, and emergency awareness and preparedness.