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International travel advisories

Travellers face a wide range of threats on their journey and once they have arrived at their destination. These threats include military conflicts, civil unrest, dangerous neighbourhoods, health emergencies and political instability. 

SRM has real-world experience across international boundaries and cultures and is backed by an International security services network providing reliable and correct information. Our contacts are on the ground, wherever you go and can constantly provide real-time information. 

SRM offers two types of travel advisories:

    1. Customised travel advisory – Specifically tailored around a specific individual, advising the client in
          which areas he/she is at risk with regards his/her personal risk profile. We also advise which steps
          should be taken to mitigate these risks in order to enjoy a safe journey, whether on business or
    2. General travel advisory – Accurate, inside information provided on the travel routes, the countries
          visited and the area the client will be travelling to without customizing the advisory according to the
          individual’s personal risk profile. The general advisory includes safety tips, emergency services in
          your area, possible incident/accident scenarios, and latest on criminal reports.