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Incident investigation

Fraudulent behaviour can impact a business at any time. However, it is possible through our investigative process to bring insight and understanding to the many facets and outcomes that are associated with this type of behaviour in organisations. 

At SRM, we believe an investigation can help restore calm and bring innovative solutions to a business, thus minimizing the impact of an incident.

SRM brings a methodology developed through years of practical investigation experience, ensuring to effectively and efficiently meet the stated objectives of a particular assignment.

Our team of investigators is able to provide support with matters involving:

  • Fraud by vendors and customers
  • Security-related incidents
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Employee fraud and misconduct
  • Problem solving

It is important to investigate all incidents because:

  • Identification of incident causes to establish preventative strategies
  • It provides a point of reference to establish trends in incident causes
  • Encourages organizations to communicate incident information and learn from past incidents
  • Shows that the organization is taking appropriate actions to prevent recurrence of the incident