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Airport security

Airports in particular are a major source of concern, therefore safety and security are of paramount importance to any aviation operation, whether located in rural Africa, or even more so, an international destination.

A large number of people pass through airports every day presenting a natural target for terrorism and other forms of crime such as sabotage, vandalism, theft and risks to crew and passengers.

An objective airport security survey, conducted by an independent organisation such as Sentinel Risk Management, is aimed to decrease vulnerabilities to potential terrorist attacks and other criminal acts.

SRM’s capabilities include:

  • Extensive airport security surveys
  • Integrated security systems
  • Runway capability assessment
  • Payload operation level of runways
  • Airport terminals and associated buildings

Contact SRM to review current security measures, identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations to assist the airport with enhanced security. 

SRM has successfully conducted numerous international corporate and site security audits and risk assessments, designed to secure property, proprietary information and employee safety.

Tailored to suit organisational needs, our philosophy is one of partnership and to work with our clients to develop, support and enhance security systems and procedures, focusing on a preventative approach rather than short-term solutions.

SRM has developed a practical and consistent process to enable management to integrate security risk prevention into an operational risk strategy.

Our methodology is consistent with the internationally accepted standards for risk management, information security and business continuity.  

We enable our clients to maintain and continuously improve the risk assessment and management process without the need for additional external resources.